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Wisdom 4 Weightlifting was founded in 2014, originally to support Olympic Weightlifting athletes by earning some money as coaches, and allowing them to train in a near full time capacity. This is still the purpose now, but with the business expanding, we are striving to create a better awareness of Olympic Weightlifting and help the sport to grow. Our main goal now is to create an online training rescource for athletes of all levels, and realise the potential of future would be Olympians through our personalised training programmes.

  • Budget Percentage Programmes
  • Personalised Programmes with Video Feedback
  • Long term Personalised Programming with fortnightly check-ins
  • Workshops
  • 1 on 1 coaching


We offer a range of programming options from Budget Percentage Programmes to elite level Personalised Programmes

Budget Programming

£4.99 / Month
For less than a Netflix subscription, our budget option gives you access to our Web App with 8 Interactive Percentage Programmes. These programmes are advised for people who are already competent in the competition lifts.

  • Affordable
  • Web App
  • 8 Interactive Percentage Programmes
  • 8 and 12 week, 3 and 4 day variations
  • Target specific areas of training, i.e, leg strength, pulling, technique
  • Works great alongside other training
  • Average 90 minute sessions


£150 / 8 week block
A programme designed to strengthen your weaknesses. The programme is written in an 8 week block, based on video analysis and goals of the lifter. Once the programme is written it cannot be changed or adapted.

  • Fully Personalised Programme
  • Written based on video analysis and athlete goals
  • Beskpoke programme length optional
  • Works great alongside other training i.e. Crossfit
  • Targets weaknesses to improve 1RMs
  • Develop strength and power for other sports
  • Suitable for all levels

Adaptable Personalised

£140 / month
Adaptable programming and coaching. This programme is written and adapted for you every 2 weeks based on video analysis and athlete feedback. Highly recommended for athletes wanting to compete.

  • Fully Personalised Programme
  • Written in 2 week blocks based on video analysis and athlete feedback
  • Unlimited Video Feedback within 2 working days
  • Works around competition schedule
  • Develop strength and power for other sports
  • Suitable for all levels, but highly recommended for competitive Weightlifters and Athletes

Web App

Our Budget Programming option includes access to our Web App where you can interact with your programmes and track progress

Interactive Programme

We know weightlifting programming isn't clear-cut. Some days you may feel worse and fail to achieve what was on the programme. No problem. Our Interactive Percentage Programmes allow you to edit Sets, Reps and Weight on exercises. You also have the ability to add extra sets, for those days you feel great and do an extra set or two.

  • Edit Sets, Reps, and Weight
  • Exercise completion toggle
  • PB Notifications
  • Additional Sets
  • Exercise Notes

Track Progress

Once you're following a programme the App will automatically track your progress by keeping detailed logs of all completed exercises.

  • Progress Graphs
  • Volume and comparison charts
  • Easily keep track of PBs

Log Programmes

Keep track of your complete training history by logging programmes

  • Log or discard programmes
  • View past programmes
  • Dates of completed exercises


I love the programme! I’m always so happy to go and train and am excited when I look at the programme, really just love it

- International Level Adaptable Personalised Programme Athlete

There’s not many coaches who are able and ready to make the process fun and understandable

- Adaptable Personalised Programme Athlete

My technique and consistency have improved significantly

- Adaptable Personalised Programme Athlete


British Record Snatch

Roma 2020 World Cup

Commonwealth Silver Medal

Sponsored Athlete Nora at EWC


Workshop Warmup







Commonwealth Games


Sarah Davies

Sarah is Owner and Head Coach at Wisdom4Weightlifting. She is European 2021 Silver Medalist, Tokyo 2021 Olympian, Commonwealth silver medallist, a British record holder and a level two British Olympic Weightlifting coach. Sarah has been continually developing her knowledge in Olympic weightlifting since her first involvement in 2011. Also, as a qualified PE teacher Sarah has an excellent ability to break down movements and explain with ease, giving students a greater understanding, and helping to improve technique and overall performance.


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£150 / 8 week block

  • Personalised Programme
  • Video Feedback
  • Bespoke Length Optional

Adaptable Personalised

£140 / month

  • Personalised Programme
  • Unlimited Video Feedback
  • Best for Athletes

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